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DT70KV - 70 kVDC insulating gloves tester

  • Specially developed for dielectric testing of gloves in accordance with standards ASTM D120, ASTM F496-08 and IEC 60903 (annex E)
  • Leakage current up to 500 μA
  • Remote control by Android device
  • Measures the output voltage and leakage current
  • “Pass/Fail” LED indicator
  • Selection of test parameters by glove class with adjustable maximum leakage current
  • Polarity: negative voltage, positive ground
  • Ripple <2%
  • Built-in memory to store test results
  • USB and Bluetooth interface
  • Lightweight and robust

MD15KVR - 15 kV digital insulation tester

The digital insulation tester model MD15KVR is TENTECH's cutting edge insulation analyzer equipment and it is one of the most complete and sophisticated available in the international market. A powerful software allows for further analysis of tests results, including features such as graphical representation and automatic report generation. Its proven technology provides safe, reliable and accurate measurements of insulation resistances up to 15 TΩ, with 4 preselected test voltages, 500 V - 5 kV - 10 kV - 15 kV. Other test voltages may be selected in steps of 25 V, 100 V or 500 V.

MD1000R - 1 kV handheld insulation tester

The TENTECH MD1000R is a smart, microprocessor controlled, 1 kV insulation tester for up to 200 GΩ resistance measuring with 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V test voltage. It is a portable, handheld, battery powered equipment. Due to its measurement principle (actual voltage and current readings) it is a "true megohmmeter" and so the accuracy of resistance measurement is not affected by any test voltage error.
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Solutions in measurements and tests

Remote Control
Equipment with Bluetooth interface can be remote controlled by an Android device (smartphone or tablet).

Desktop software
Equipment's internal memory can be accessed by a desktop software that allows to download all memory data. It also can be used to make analysis of the test results and automatic report generation.

Rechargeable LFP battery
In contrast to other lithium battery technologies commonly used, LFP batteries are thermally and chemically stable, significantly improving battery safety.
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Phone: +1 305 938 0389