Insulating gloves tester - 70 kVDC

  • Specially developed for dielectric testing of gloves in accordance with standards IEC 60903, ASTM D120 and ASTM F496-08
  • Leakage current up to 500 μA
  • Can be fully remote controlled from an Android™ device
  • Measures output voltage and leakage current
  • "Pass / Fail" LED indicator
  • Selection of test parameters by glove class with adjustable maximum leakage current
  • Ripple <2%
  • USB and Bluetooth interface
  • Built-in memory


The dielectric tester DT70KV is an instrument specially developed to insulating gloves testing, in accordance with standards IEC 60903, ASTM D120 and ASTM F496-08.It was designed with emphasis on safety, versatility and ease of use. The voltage output is adjustable (according to the glove class), with up to 70 kVDC. Its intuitive interface makes it possible to program the glove class and the maximum leakage current, allowing automatic tests.

Has one LED to indicate the presence of high voltage in the output terminal during a measurement and one bi-color LED to indicate the test result (Pass / Fail).

Meeting the most stringent security requirements, the system is divided into two modules, one for control and the other for high voltage. The high voltage module is equipped with an audible alarm and both modules have emergency stop switch. Through an Android device it’s possible to program all parameters of the hipot, besides remotely controlling the tests, further increasing the security.

Technical specifications

Test voltage

Up to 70,000 V

Test Voltage Resolution

100 V from 10 kV up to 70 kV
10 V up to 9.99 kV.

Test voltage accuracy

± (2% of nominal value ± 2 digits) with 500 μA load.


Negative voltage, ground positive.

Leakage current

Max. 500 μA.

Leakage current resolution

1 µA.

Leakage current accuracy

± (2% of nominal value ± 2 digits).


Alphanumerical LCD display, 4 lines / 20 characters (Big Number).


< 2%.

Measuring modes

• Automatically configured tests, according to standards IEC 60903, ASTM D120 and ASTM F496-08
• Periodic tests for gloves class: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4
• “Pass / Fail” test
• Timed tests (within the limits of each standard)


Emergency stop switches, Sparks auto-detection, Visual indicators (LEDs) and Audible indicator.


Up to 3 min., indication in mm:ss.

Built-in memory

Memory for storing up to 107 tests with 3 minutes duration each.




For configuration, control and download the stored values.


For configuration, control and download the stored values.

T-Logger software (Desktop)

To transfer stored data in the equipment’s memory, analyze it and generate test reports.

Tentech app (Android device)

For remote control, allowing to configure, run tests and generate reports.

Environmental protection

IP54 (with closed lid).


In accordance with IEC 61010-1.

Power supply

Mains: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA.

Operating temperature

23 °F to 122 °F (-5 °C to 50 °C).

Storage temperature

-13 °F to 158 °F (-25 °C to 70 °C).

Humidity range

95% RH (non condensing).

Equipment weight

Control module: approx. 15.43 lb (7 kg).
High voltage module: approx. 15.65 lb (7.1kg).


Control module: 17.5" x 14.2" x 7.5" (450 x 360 x 190 mm).
High voltage module: 17.5" x 14.2" x 7.5" (450 x 360 x 190 mm).

Included accessories

1 Graduated tank
1 Interconnection cable* (control unit ↔ HV unit)
1 High voltage cable*
1 Return cable HV*
1 Protective grounding cable*
2 Glove holders kit
1 Support stand for electrode
4 Clamps for fixing gloves
2 Grounding cables (graduated tank ↔ support stand)
1 Power cable
1 USB cable
1 User guide
1 Carry case (control unit)
1 Carry case (HV unit)
1 T-Logger software
1 Tentech Remote Control app

* Supplied in different lengths on request


Remote control by Android device

This instrument has Bluetooth® interface and can be controlled remotely via an Android™ smartphone / tablet running the TENTECH's remote control application.

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