The MTD2000B digital earth tester allows for the measurement of Earth Resistances and Soil Resistivity, and also the spurious voltages caused by parasitic voltages present in the soil. This equipment is suitable for fast and easy measurement of the grounding resistance in house and industrial buildings, hospital installations, lightning rods, antennas, substations, etc. Soil resistivity measurement allows for soil stratification in order to optimize the most complex grounding systems.

Its state-of-the-art system of active and passive filters provides it with high immunity to electric interferences, making it possible to obtain reliable measurements even in the presence of spurious voltages, such as the ones that can be found in some urban areas and near primary substations.

A 1,470 Hz internal generator injects alternated current on the soil through an auxiliary rod. The voltage generated over the earth resistance is measured by the apparatus, and the resistance value is evaluated. The test current is automatically limited.

This earth tester is supplied with a rechargeable internal battery. The smart charger is microprocessor-controlled, and can be powered from the 100 - 240 V mains adapter or from a 12 V automobile auxiliary power outlet.

Technical specifications

Resistance range

10 mΩ - 2 kΩ

Resistance measurement accuracy

± 2%

Resistance reading resolution

0.01 Ω

Voltage range

0 - 200 V~

Voltage measurement accuracy

± 2%

Voltage reading resolution

0.1 V

Test voltage

50 V (max.)

Output current

2 mA (max.)

Output power

Less than 0.5 W

Measurement modes

Measurement of grounding resistances (with 3 terminals), Soil resistivity by the Wenner method (with 4 terminals) and Voltages present in the ground


LCD graphic (readings in 3½ digit)


IEC 61010-1, IEC 61557‑1 and IEC 61557-5

Overvoltage protection

CAT II - 300 V


IEC 61326-1

Voltage withstand

240 VAC

Dust and drip proof

IP65 (with closed lid)

Operating temperature range

10 °F to 120 °F (-12 °C to 49 °C)

Storage temperature range

-10 °F to 160 °F (-23 °C to 71 °C)

Humidity range

98% RH (non condensing).

Rechargeable battery

6 NiMH LR6 cells

Battery charger

AC adapter, input 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz, output 12 V - 1 A

Equipment weight

Approx. 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)


8.7" x 7.5" x 3.9" (220 x 190 x 99 mm)

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Teléfono: +1 305 938 0389